In Conversation with Anasuya Gupta

July 11, 2020 by Promit Ray

The following post features an interview with Ms. Anasauya Gupta, CEO and Managing Director of CICO Technologies Ltd (CTL). CTL, known for its brand CICO, is among India’s largest and most trusted construction chemical companies. Established in 1930, CICO also has a marked presence in Africa as well as elsewhere in Asia.

Modern synthetic chemistry has seen the development of a host of chemicals that aid the construction industry. Construction chemicals, primarily used to enhance building materials and make construction projects more sustainable, are now increasingly being recognized as an irreplaceable component of the chemical industry. These types of chemical compounds are used both to speed up construction projects as well as impart durability and strength to newly constructed structures. Construction chemicals can be of various types such as flooring chemicals, sealants, grouts, and concrete admixtures; polymeric materials are prevalent in the formulation of construction chemicals.

CTL is a giant in the construction chemicals industry with the philosophy of helping build structures that ‘stand the test of time’; working closely with laboratories and academic institutions, the company develops high-quality chemicals and solutions for the construction industry.

I had the privilege of speaking to CTL’s influential CEO, Anasuya Gupta. She took over the responsibility of the company, in the capacity of chairperson and managing director, as a third-generation entrepreneur and has emerged as an outstanding leader. In this interview, she speaks to me about the mindset behind driving a successful science-driven business, how she strives to impact the masses, CICO’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, and how she has stayed ahead of the competition within a constantly growing niche. I hope you enjoy the interview.


Promit Ray interviews Anasuya Gupta, on behalf of Amicable Scientists, about her career in the chemical construction industry and her journey to the position of CEO of CICO, a 90 year old company based in India. She shares insights about entrepreneurship in a scientific field, the impact of the chemical construction industry, and pointers towards being a successful leader.


Post written by Promit Ray

Promit Ray is a passionate chemistry graduate with a love for scientific writing. He is passionate about observing and learning from patterns in data and greatly enjoys explaining complicated science simply. He is currently at the end of his PhD in computational chemistry at the University of Bonn, Germany following a masters degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India. A materials scientist by training, he writes on demystifying scientific concepts, careers, and life in the sciences, and generally aims to involve the community in popular science. Always happy to chat about science communication and new projects, he can be reached at


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