How Education Works: A Teacher’s Perspective

August 7, 2020 by anon

We live in a world where we’re constantly battling the paradox of trying to stay away from Social Media with a monitored screen time and the joy of fun that is spelt Netflix & chill. If you have kids, the equation and the responsibility is on you as they are just mirrors that follow your every action( i might not be scientifically accurate) and that goes for your obsessive screen binging too.The joy of being around children is something I have always cherished.I truly admire and revel in the young minds that I’ve come across all my life, thanks to that magic they seem to carry because of their innocence, a purity of mind, body and soul. I know parents might disagree but as a teacher they are my little fairies that seem to spread their magic wherever they go. My stint with teaching began 5 years ago when I decided to become a tennis coach to support my tennis career. I am truly the new kid in the block, which translates to I am new to teaching. Formal teaching or rather teaching at a school leaves me an infant as I have been teaching at a school for only one academic year.

As a teacher, while I am still getting used to calling myself one, I feel that a child should be able to associate what they learn through an aspect that gives them the platform to experiment. To draw an analogy, education and learning are like the sun and the moon; while one shines bright, the other is the envy of the world. How one distinguishes between the two has been the topic of many a scientific study and research world over. Both are omnipresent in a child’s world but how they surface depends on the teacher, their conditioning and the environment they grow up in. Education is like the radiance of the Sun; it shines bright because hydrogen when fused with helium is converted into energy. Likewise, education is the chemical reaction between the ability of a teacher to spark interest in a student’s mind and their consequent reception and utilisation of knowledge. Learning on the other hand, is like the Moon, it is a reflection of the Sun’s light, therefore one needs to be very careful about the information being processed.

I feel that education is the experience one carries through their life, this might seem like a cliched statement but I have hands on proof that has convinced me and made me believe in this theory. The process of transferring an idea and seeing a child interpret it is magical, yes scientists may come out wagging their fingers but it truly is a phenomenon that creates an environment for the child to flourish as their minds work in their uniquely coded mode. A class that is inclusive and gives children their voice to debate, evaluate and discuss concepts is the playground for education that will survive the test of time. As teachers we are merely facilitators that monitor, encourage and gently nudge children in the direction towards learning and a good education that will stand by them, all through their life. As a person that loves being around children I take it upon myself to make the process as enjoyable and relatable to them as possible. To new teachers out there, explore and find that connect with your students, be the cocoon that protects them and let them go forth as beautiful butterflies. A bond a child feels with a teacher is inexplicable. The joy I felt learning poetry from my sixth-grade English teacher is still fresh in my memory and has inspired in me the will to share poetry In abundance with my own students, now. This is a classic example of why education is important In a child’s life as it helps mould the individual they become, in the future.

Guest post written by Preethi Srinivasan.

Preethi Srinivasan is a certified Tennis Coach, Middle-School English teacher and recently one of the founding members of the Women Coaches of India which is an organization that aims to empower, educate and provide opportunities for female coaches all around India. She is very passionate about poetry, writing and music. She strongly believes in the power of the written word and hopes to create a better world one word at a time. Her curiosity is the driving force that leads her to dabble in multiple fields and gives her the opportunity to meet diverse people and visit places that she loves exploring on foot.


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