About Us

The ‘amicable scientists’ organization is an exciting yet relaxed forum for science communication. We are committed to publishing articles on original thoughts and ideas and offer out of the box explanations on scientific topics ranging from school to graduate level. Our authors often also give a glimpse of life in academia and sciences.
Do you want to hear the simplest scientific concepts explained by researchers in a cutting-edge science environment? Do you crave to understand and simplify scientific jargon? Are you in the need for an honest layman’s explanation of research and technology? We aim to provide a single website solution to your insatiable curiosity.


The idea of a multi-author science writing blog was originally proposed by Promit Ray. The idea is implemented in its current form by Chetana B V. The blog also comprises a dedicated core committee of researchers primarily based in Germany. The editorial board publishes select guest articles. Technical support for the blog is provided by edufor.me.

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