Vishnupriya Anupindi

Vishnupriya Anupindi (Vishnu) is a PhD student of mathematics at RICAM, Linz (Austria). She holds a master's degree with a specialization in number theory from TU Kaiserslautern, Germany. She is very enthusiastic about teaching and science communication. She aspires to become a teacher who is passionate about her subject, interactive with the class and can take her students on a journey through the subject so that the questions addressed arise naturally. Apart from mathematics, she enjoys singing, star gazing, dancing and cooking. Email:



Organizing your research: tips for young researchers, PhD and master’s students.

This article is written in collaboration with fellow amicable scientist Steffen Plunder. With Marie Kondō gaining so much popularity by teaching people how to organize their houses etc, I think we can also benefit from some organizational tips when it comes to research. Just like regular maintenance of your house/room […]

Interview with quantum cryptologist Dr. Arpita Maitra.

It was the year of 2016. Having recently started my master’s in pure mathematics (algebra, geometry and number theory), I was missing the natural sciences, reading up and trying to understand things that explained natural phenomena. Of course I love pure mathematics, but having spent hours in the lab and […]

Talk: Mathematics and other career paths.

16th February, 2019: At Belpahar English Medium School (Belpahar, India), a talk titled “Mathematics and other career paths” was organized. The purpose of this talk was to expose students of grade 11-science stream (age 16-17) to the various career paths available, especially encouraging them to pursue the pure sciences. The […]

High school talk on “Can math be interesting?”

12th February 2019: A talk titled “Can math be interesting?” was delivered at Vivekananda International School (Belpahar, India) and Belpahar English Medium School (Belpahar, India). The aim of the talk was to show students of grade 9 how math could be made fun and interesting. Some topics that were discussed […]

Talk: Fermat’s last theorem, elliptic curves and cryptography at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

21st December, 2018 : A talk was organized by the mathematics department of St. Joseph’s College (Bangalore, India) in collaboration with Amicable Scientists. The talk was attended by 1st and 2nd year master’s students of mathematics and some students from the undergraduate course.