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Not You

Content Warning: Although the story is fictional, the following post is focused on the very real experience of Impostor Syndrome and anxiety that many live with every day   11:07 PM. The coffee isn’t warm anymore and it’s definitely not strong enough. Should have picked up RedBull on the way […]

Neutrinos (Part 2): Overview of the standard model.

The standard model of elementary particles displays all the elementary particles that have been discovered till date, this post deals with how the particles are placed in the standard model and how these particles are related to each other. What are elementary particles? Elementary particles are the smallest physical entities […]

Neutrinos (Part 1): Sneaking into Beta decay

  Radioactivity was a popular topic of discussion during the early 20th century, scientists wanted to understand this mysterious phenomenon where elements would spontaneously decay into other elements by releasing an electron or a positron (anti-electron). Most of the elements which behaved in this peculiar manner are heavy isotopes of […]

Zen And The Art Of Bat-Catching

Our patience was wearing thin. It had rained steadily for three days straight and we had less than a month to get our experiment done. The was no time to waste; we had to go in. I learned quickly that nobody in La Selva took any special precautions against the […]

The Rain And The Mist (Net)

No matter how long I lived in La Selva I knew I would never take being woken by a chorus of birdsong for granted. I knew I’d never stop enjoying falling asleep to the sound of crickets, or watching the omni-present peccaries snuffling around, or even having a gecko for […]

Photograph courtesy of Sabine Wintergerst

Magic Kingdom

My first day in La Selva and here we were, just having finished lunch. Still new to everyone and everything, I’d found the rice and beans delicious and my joy on discovering fresh local fruit at the salad bar was unbounded. The shower and the meal had revived me sufficiently […]

Welcome To The Jungle

  The beady-eyed immigration official squinted at the screen in front of him. He flicked through my passport a third time, disappeared for a minute and came back with a colleague. The dance started all over again, two pairs of eyes rapidly glancing back and forth between my papers and the […]

Where and What is Lindau ?

In the second year of my undergraduate studies, I met a senior who among other things told me that she was spending all her free time filling up an application form to take part in ‘Lindau’. Wide eyed and probably with naïvity plastered across my face I asked her what […]

Science Pedagogy in My Classroom

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. ~ Carl Sagan Being primarily a middle school Physics teacher, I also teach General Science in the primary grades. Considering the difference in the ages of my two group of learners, I make an effort […]


My research work is in an interesting and highly interdisciplinary field called Astrochemistry. Alexander Dalgarno, a pioneer in the field describes it as “the study of the formation, destruction and excitation of molecules in astronomical environments and their influence on the structure, dynamics and evolution of astronomical objects” The field […]