Avnee Veena

'Avnee Veena' is a pseudonym for women researchers to put forth their thoughts on social issues related to the Sciences. It is also used to write the outreach posts or when the author does not want his/her name associated with the post directly. It can also be used if a writer requests anonymity.



World mental health day

  On this year’s world mental health day, let us address the issue of anxiety and depression in academia. Just a simple google search on “depression in academia” will lead to several results, including from famous blogs and journals like Nature, Lindau Nobel Laureate meetings etc. In many countries, including […]

Women in Science

Much has been said about the misogyny in academia. There has been a surge of awareness regarding the mental health issues faced by men and women alike. If one were to focus on the intersection of these two issues, it is difficult to propose universal solutions. Each problem needs to […]