Chetana B V

Chetana B V is a freelance science communicator with a passion for science writing. She holds a Master's degree with a specialization in Quantum Chemistry. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics. She believes in crisp and simple explanations of scientific concepts.



Perpendicular Bisectors and Pizza Delivery

I had a pizza craving. I was torn between ordering in and going to the place to get a bite. I order from Domino’s Pizza as their minimum amount for free delivery is lower than in other pizza places.  I have never actually been to Domino’s Pizza in Kaiserslautern. A […]

Logarithms and a summer break when the calculator did not work

When Nandu was in grade seven, her pastime during commute was to observe high school students. The only other way, apart from the apparent difference in uniform, to spot a high school senior was the peeking of Clark’s Tables from their bags. The maroon book was intimidating with the statement […]

Bunsen Burner trumped Spectropolarimetry – a fiery anecdote

When the electric field vibrations of ordinary light are restricted in some manner, we obtain polarised light. In plane polarised light, the electric field oscillates in one direction only. Molecules which cannot be superposed on their mirror images can rotate this plane of polarisation. This property is known as optical […]

Lecture on Optics at Poornaprajna High School

A lecture on “Optics” was organized as a part of the science club activities of Poornaprajna School (Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, India) in August, 2018.