Promit Ray

Promit Ray is a passionate chemistry graduate with a love for scientific writing. He is passionate about observing and learning from patterns in data and greatly enjoys explaining complicated science simply. He is currently at the end of his PhD in computational chemistry at the University of Bonn, Germany following a masters degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India. A materials scientist by training, he writes on demystifying scientific concepts, careers, and life in the sciences, and generally aims to involve the community in popular science. Always happy to chat about science communication and new projects, he can be reached at



Consciousness, Communication and Change: In Conversation with Muna Wagner

The following post features an interview with Muna Wagner;  a freelance trainer, facilitator and writer who works at bringing people closer while celebrating diversity. Consciousness, communication and change form the foundations of Muna’s work and, therefore, also the subject of this post. She is an intercultural trainer imparting skills allowing […]

In Conversation with Vania Cao

The following post features an interview with Vania Cao; neuroscientist, author, artist, singer and founder of Free the PhD (FTP). FTP is a career transition platform helping PhDs pursue a fruitful career and professional life after they graduate. Chetana joins me in interviewing Vania about her multifaceted career, her transition […]

In Conversation with Anasuya Gupta

The following post features an interview with Ms. Anasauya Gupta, CEO and Managing Director of CICO Technologies Ltd (CTL). CTL, known for its brand CICO, is among India’s largest and most trusted construction chemical companies. Established in 1930, CICO also has a marked presence in Africa as well as elsewhere […]

Tell Me About It: Communicating Research Effectively

Note: The share here is to illustrate some of my thoughts on writing a scientific paper effectively; the views and opinions reflected here are those solely of the author and should be treated as such.  Scientific research by definition is built upon previous investigations. Reliably accurate results need to be […]

Weaving Social Change through Conscious Fashion

Sustainability is now a buzzword dominating the global agenda. The United Nations (UN) has adopted 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), a blueprint for the welfare of the people and the planet. However, the concept of sustainability is still hazy and evolving, especially in the world of fashion. It is no […]

Open Data Driven Science: A Boon Or A Bane?

Harnessing former data for scientific progress dates way back to the 17th century; Kepler used data formulated by Tycho Brahe to formulate the planetary laws of motion. Often cited as a first classical example of successful scientific collaboration,  we continue to follow in Kepler’s footsteps today hundreds of years later. Modern […]